Company Overview

In Short:

We have specialized in WordPress website design . Becoming quick and efficient leaving our clients with a great looking site based on their examples and direction. The sites are easy to edit, so the DIY business owner can add new text, images, videos, etc…

A little more detail:

We started out in 1998 with HTML website design, marketing & site management. In more recent years as, do it yourself editors came along. It was tougher to stay with HTML designs, as small business owners wanted a websites they ( or a staff member ) could edit on their own.

The big problem with many DIY sites & editors is, that while you could edit the looks of your website. These design programs do not let you access the backside. So this limited the functionality and these programs are not adequate for todays business.

This is where we found that WordPress on your own hosting gave all that a small business owner would need. A website that they or an employee could edit. The ability to tie in with social media and marketing. Plus the full control of the hosting panel to add or edit email accounts, add Spam blockers, auto responders, contact forms, on and on. Quite truly any functions and features that a traditional HTML site would offer, on a DIY format.

This led to a total phase out of our old HTML Website management and a total focus on the WordPress platform, and after 5 years of day in and day out work. We are pretty damn good at it. 🙂

WP-Service Inc. will continue to grow & improve. Seeking out the best WordPress options, products & tools available for you to have a great looking website. One that is always modern, up to date, and secure.

How can we help you?

Basically you are going to fall into 1 of 2 groups. You already HAVE a website and need some changes OR you need a new website.

Either way we can help.

We could not be happier!

We tried doing our own site, and, well, it looked like it! Frank was very professional, and had it done quickly. And now our site doesn’t look like an elementary school project. We could not be happier. And what value! We would recommend WordPress300 to anyone.

Steve B.
Owner, Quick Turn 603

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